S.H.I.P. (Spares, Handling, Inventory Program)

Wireless Innovations recognizes that delivering fully configured and tested devices that are ready to run “out of the box,” assures a smooth mobile deployment and user acceptance for companies.

Hot Spares
So your employees can stay focused on business, Wireless Innovations offers your company an option to have WI administer the swaps/replacements for your end users. This service can offer a seamless and quick transition for your personal.  If you wish to house inventory at Wireless Innovations’ warehouse, WI will then process the order within one business day and ship the device for next day delivery.
If needed, hot spares are staged and kitted so the end user has an “out of the box” solution as soon as possible.

Creating a repeatable, reliable process will ensure that all application components and setup criteria are performed properly for end user.
Unlocking Connection Card
PRL updates
Network provisioning
WI will create a test plan that fits your needs to ensure “out-of-the-box” functionality for end users.
Testing the devices guarantees that the device is provisioned properly and all basic application and hardware functionality are working correctly when the end user receives the device.
Kitting/ Labeling
Wireless Innovations personnel pack all kits.  Each kit will be packaged with the specific information that the company wishes to have in the package.
Barcode labeling/asset management
Customized user training guide instructions
Help Desk support information
Labeling- end user, sales id, phone number, pin etc.
Prepare devices for ease of integration with PC
Include cost center, group list, sales id etc.
Shipment Tracking
WI’s portals provide management with a high-level, yet detailed summary of all orders processed. Visibility into your deployment schedule and device shipments are important factors, WI offers a customized online ordering, shipping and tracking portal.
Ability to ship individual devices or bulk deliveries to a field office and or corporation.
Capability to assign bar code labeling for asset tracking purposes to the outside of the shipping box.
Inventory Program

For the purpose of advance exchange and flawless replacement, Wireless Innovations offers customers the option to house devices at our inventory warehouse facility. This program is utilized for several of our accounts and they view it as a “must have” so their employees have minimal down time of their device.

Wireless Innovations currently occupies facilities in Totowa, NJ with access to major interstate highways, airports and carrier services. 

The warehouse area has limited entry points and is key access only.  Surveillance cameras and a centrally-monitored alarm system are utilized in the inventory warehouse to provide maximum security.



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